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Camgirl Diary: 10 Solutions to Stay Safe & Sound

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Camgirl Diary: 10 Solutions to Stay Safe & Sound

Nowadays, a lot of girls especially young that still study in colleges and universities want to become cam ladies. Actually, it is not difficult and pretty everyone can be one. There are plenty of online camera services where girls can register and start serving curious customers online. We decided to do an investigation and find out how safe it is to be an online playmate.

Here are 10 reasons why this source of income is not secure and 10 cam girl tips that will help you to play safe:

Problem #1 Not enough shows
Every cam girls site offers the job to ladies 24/7. However, how popular you are it depends on your creativity. Experienced girls do 5 shows a day $3 per minute. One show can last for at least 15 minutes, so you can get $45. Five shows a day comes to $225. But if you just are a beginner, do not rely on such money.

The solution: Register at a few cam services at the same time to attract as many customers as possible.

Problem #2 It is hard and slow
Cam girl jobs are not as easy as you may think. Girls that sit in front of the cameras and do whatever to get money also get tired and frustrated. If you want to gain a few hundreds of dollars, you will have to deal with rude and insistent customers.

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The solution: Set your rules and do what your consciousness allows you. Otherwise, you will get frustrated with nasty men that will treat you as a toy

Problem #3 Misunderstanding
If you have a religious family or friends with strong social norms, you may face misunderstanding.

The solution: Simply keep your job in a secret to avoid being judged or try to explain to people that you enjoy your work.

Problem #4 Commission
Cam girls services take commission from your income. A long you are offering your services at the site, it will take from 35 to 65% commission.

The solution: Create your own site and get customers. If you invest money in your own business and do your best to make it successful, you may become the most famous cam model in the nearest future.

Problem #5 Self-motivation
Working as a sexy model that poses in front of a camera may be very entertaining in the beginning. However, you can start hating it after a few weeks. Knowing that men want to see you naked and doing what they desire is not pleasant in a long run.

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The solution: You must kick your arse even if you feel tired or sick of your work.

Problem #6 Strange customers
Taking a bra off and playing with yourself are not the only things customers ask live girls on cams. Some clients may be real maniacs and have strange desires. You will definitely not have fun entertaining men that you are scared of.

The solution: Think twice whether you are willing to do anything for money. Describe what service you offer and share your time online with people that seek things that you do with joy.

Problem #7 Lack of respect
Apart from having misunderstandings with your family and friends, you may struggle to build a relationship with men. Get ready to be judged as a lot of people make assumptions about you as a person based on your job.

The solution: If you meet a man you want to build a relationship with, tell him about your work. Only a person who really likes you and wants to be with you will take you as you are. Maybe you will meet the right person on a cam service and your online sessions will soon turn into real dates.

Problem #8 No attachment
If you think of every session as something very serious, you soon become depressed. Some customers will be creepy 100%. However, some of them will be very polite and pleasant.

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The solution: Do not take this job seriously. Some women that work as camera models are great mothers and loving wives. Webcam girls is a name of the job but not who you are.

Problem #9 Scammers
Your video shows may be recorded and your nude photos may be placed on porn sites. There are a lot of scammers on the internet and it is not a surprise.

The solution: Use only trustful camera sites that do not allow customers to share the materials.

Problem #10 Making money is not a guarantee
If you still like the idea of being a, you should know that it is not the job that will make you independent in a short time.

The solution: Try to work as a cam model for a few hours a day first. See if you like it and whether you are good at it. If you have a full-time job, do not quit yet. You never know what waits for you at a cam site.